How To Talk To Children About Violence Or Terrorism


Violence and terrorism are some of the most serious threats we face in the world today, but one of the hardest parts of dealing with these can be explaining them to children.

We really do not want to scare them but then, it is important they understand. Children of different ages can handle varying amounts of information, so it’s hard to know how much to tell them. It is very likely that your child will hear about what happened, and it is best that it comes from you so that you are able to answer any questions, convey the facts, and set the emotional tone especially violence and safety.

  • Listen carefully to a child’s fears and worries

Note that it is important to make sure their concerns are heard and not dismissed – once you know what they’re worried about, you can understand and advise appropriately.

Acknowledge their fears instead of making them feel silly for being afraid.

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  • Offer reassurance and comfort

    Avoid complicated and scary explanations that could ;eave children more frightened and confused. Instead, reassure and comfort them.

    It’s important to remind children that they’re safe and surrounded by security.

  • Help them find advice and support

    Children can find it easier to understand distressing events and feelings by talking to behavioral coaches and counsellors.


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