Take Your Child To the Library Day.


Reading is a habit that has to be groomed from childhood. When it comes to children, reading can be fun and helps build creativity.

Take your child to be library day, is marked February 4 every year. However, children shouldn’t be taken to the library just once a year and parents shouldn’t assume it is the responsibility of the teacher or the school. Parents are the first teachers and so should go a step further by creating a library at home.

Confused on what kind of books to stock your home library with? Do not worry, here are some guidelines –

  • Clear out a room or create a space for your home library.
  • Get your furniture maker to design a book shelf to your taste. Books get damaged easily so a shelf is important.
  • Get comfortables chairs, desk and a couch depending on the available space.
  • Get a reading lamp.
  • Organise your books. This is one of the difficult steps. You can start by putting together the most complicated books first. It would also be easy to search for books if each section is labelled.
  • Make a conscious effort to invest in books that add value to you and your children.

Now it’s time to get started. A home library is within your reach. What you really need is a dash of creativity and a lot of will. So, utilize all those extra space in your home to create a small world of books around you.

Do not forget to share your ideas and experience too.



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