Riverside Etiquette Class In Pictures 


Its been an interesting time at Riverside school. For three weeks, I joined a colleague Aunty Wemmy, in coaching children of Riverside school on Poise and Etiquette.

Week 1 was about the use of polite words (5 magic words).

Week 2 was about table manners and dining etiquette.

Week 3 was about stranger safety, toilet and hand wash etiquette.

Tips –

* Always knock before you go in, just to be sure it’s unoccupied. And make sure you lock the door after you.

* Be sure there’s water before you use.  If you mess it up, make sure you clean it up.

*  Do not squat or stand on the toilet.

* Do not take any device or reading material into the toilet.

After the class, some of the students also paid a visit to Radio Continental studio in Lagos.

Read about my communication etiquette class and dining etiquette class.

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