My Pecadomo Fruit Salad Recipe.


My people, my people! lol.

Creativity is an awesome thing indeed. Let me give you the full gist of what I was up to this weekend.

I pre-ordered half a kilo of strawberries from a colleague, Bukola Ajiboye as she has someone who travels to Jos to bring food items and fruits for sale jn Lagos. So I thought, ehen! some organic strawberries for a change.

So on Friday, the strawberries arrived and wow they tasted good! Truth is I got more than the quantity I expected and while I was wondering what to do, this idea just popped in my head gbam!

On Saturday after work I stopped by the market to buy a few things. The weather changed and the rain threatened but I didn’t change my mind. I made a quick stop, bought pear and red apple and then headed home.

So here’s My Pecadomo Crunchy Fruit Salad Recipe. It’s easy to prepare and good for the whole family.


One pear

One red apple


and the secret ingredient, Peak milk.


Wash all fruits in clean water.

Dice the pear and red apple.

Pour the diced fruits and strawberries in a clean bowl andpour the peak evaporated milk in. If you’re using powdered milk, mix the milk in a separate bowl before pouring in.Put in the refrigerator and serve chilled. You can add some plum and honey if you like.

Strawberries are rich in antioxidants and can also be used for smoothies. I hope you enjoy it. Do subscribe to my blog and do not forget to drop your comments in the box below.



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