My ‘PLUM’ Experience.


I heard about the fruit called plum sometime ago but didn’t taste it until recently.

I remember talking to a doctor I invited as a radio guest sometime ago, and he said ‘the uncommon fruits are usually the most nutritious’. Hmm, how true that is, I do not know but however, I chose to believe him and that is how my fruit adventure started.

I remember the first time I ate golden melon and sour sop, hmm, they tasted really nice and I was wondering why I hadn’t tried them earlier. Well, you know how we humans are when it comes to trying out new things.

Lest I forget, these fruits have great taste and  wonderful aroma. They have multiple purposes too. Did you know plum can also be used as part of your salad dressing? It can also be used to make jam. Yes jam for your  bread!

The good thing here is you do not have  to go to a major super market before you can get these fruits. The fruit market at ketu in Lagos is well known as home to different kinds of fruits. Mile 12 market is another place where you can get a wide variety of fruits and at a good price too.

Regular intake of fruits in the right quantity would keep you healthy, boost the immune system and help the body fight diseases.

I would love to hear from you. Do share stories of your own fruit adventure by leaving a comment in the box below.



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