Love the Veggies!


Vegetables are an essential part of our diet and as they say the more colourful your food is, the more nutritious it is. Can you believe that? Well you had better believe it!

Vegetables benefit children in many ways –


Children require good nutrition to grow and boost their immune system. vegetables contain a multitude of vitamins, minerals and other healthy compounds. Eating vegetables in a rainbow of colors will provide a wide range of nutrients that help keep children healthy.

Tackles obesity

Vegetables are high in filling fiber, but low in fat and calories. Encouraging kids to eat vegetables instead of sugary snacks and fat-laden fast food can help children avoid obesity.

Aids Digestion

High-fiber foods, such as vegetables, help the digestive system function properly. Constipation in kids can often be eased by eating more high-fiber vegetables.

Better School Performance

Children with healthy diets, including high consumption of fruits and vegetables, performed better on academic tests than children who consumed very little in a study published in the April 2008 issue of the “Journal of School Health”.

Now that you know the benefits of vegetables, add some of these to your list when next you’re going to the market –

  • Bitter leaf (Ewuro/Onugbu)
  • African spinach (Efo Tete)
  • Water leaf (Gbure)
  • Spinach (Aminututu)
  • Basil/Scent leaf (Efirin)
  • Fluted Pumpkin leaf (Ugwu)
  • Jute leaf (Ewedu/Ayoyo)
  • Wild spinach (Ukazi/Afang)
  • False cubeb leaves (Uziza)
  • Clove Basil (Nchuawun/efirin)

What is your favorite vegetable? Do add to the list by dropping a comment.

I’m loving the veggies! Recipes coming soon!!!




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