Habits Children Should Imbibe Before Age 5.


“Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot” – Clarence Thomas.

Children are never too young to learn manners. In fact the manners department is open to children from  age two and above. I remember sometime ago when I offered a child some snacks, when she collected them, she smiled and said ‘Thank You’ with a wide grin. Chai! at that moment, my heart melted and I gave her a big hug.

It is important that parents start early in teaching their children how to interact with the world. The truth is your child will get further in life and will be more respected by adults and playmates alike if they learn manners.

  • How to say PLEASE & THANK YOU – These are magic words that should be made a habit even in the home.
  • How to cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough – Imagine spittle flying from that little nose when s/he coughs in public and some one just turns and stares at you and your child with eyes that can kill! You do not want anything or anyone to dampen your child’s morale, do you?
  • Learn to ASK – Children should learn to ask before taking stuff that isn’t theirs, even if it’s for mom or dad.
  • Saying SORRY from the heart – Saying sorry shouldn’t just be for the fun of it. It should come from the heart and the mistake shouldn’t be repeated.
  • KNOCK on doors before entering – This includes the bathrooms too.
  • Excuse Me Please – Children are naturally impatient.Children need to learn when they can and when they cannot interrupt people as well as how to sit quietly.
  • How to eat at a dining table – The dining table is usually pure pandemonium with cutlery and plates clashing, mouths open with food in them and all sorts. Children need to learn not to talk with food in their mouth. They should also learn how to use the cutlery properly as well as how to set the table.
  • Do not make fun of people –  Children should be taught that they shouldn’t point or laugh at people. It’s really bad manners. This could hurt other people’s feelings and it’s not nice at all.

Parents are also guilty of some if not all of the above. Parents need to practice what they preach. The home is the first school and parents are the first teachers.

Hope these tips are helpful. Do not forget to drop your comments.



  1. The tips are very helpful. Good manners will surely open doors that the best education cannot. May God help we parents to realise it before its too late. Thanks and God bless you.


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