An Explosion That Changed Everything.

This  is the story of a family I met last year through a foundation.
It happened during dinner one night and before they knew it, there was fire everywhere and no one was spared.They narrated their story to me in their one bedroom apartment somewhere in Ejigbo. I have heard of families being detained at hospitals because they cannot pay the bills. Same happened to Mrs Onyeanuibe as she had to stay in the hospital for two years and was only allowed to go home after signing an undertaking.
Unfortunately, the Onyeanuibe family lost their son while the others were left with serious burns. Today, mother and one of the daughters are partially deaf due to the side effects of the treatment they have been receiving.

Do listen to the full story and kindly help them by sending your widows mite to the account number at the end of the recording (Oneanuibe Desmond 3106201494 – First Bank of Nigeria).



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