Exciting Family Christmas Traditions


Festive season is a time everyone looks forward to. Every member of the family would have something up their sleeves. However, here are some suggestions for family christmas traditions you can imbibe and I promise you won’t forget this holiday in a hurry.

  • Baking and fun food traditions – How about baking some cookies or have an open air picnic. Some palm wine and ice cream for the children as well as asun or barbecue would be a fantastic idea.
  • Keepsakes & memory makers – Make it a habit to do something memorable like giving each member of the family a hand made gift, decorate the christmas tree together, sing around the dinner table, go for a photo shoot and make a family christmas card.
  • Acts of kindness – Make it a habit to give during Christmas. Make the children put together hampers for your relatives and neighbours.
  • Christmas dinner – Create special moments by allowing the children suggest special moments that can be incorporated during christmas dinner.
  • Games – Feel free to incorporate games foe adults and children.

I hope these family traditions make your holiday a special one as I would be incorporating some of them myself.

Feel free to add your thoughts and experiences in the comment box.



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