My Communication Etiquette Class With Riverside School (I)


It’s the summer holiday season and it is a very long holiday for children.

During this period, some parents are at a loss as to how to keep the children busy. I guess that’s how schools came to the rescue with summer classes right? Lol.

I was at Riverside school to teach communication etiquette and the 5 magic words. It was a great experience and the children are fast learners. Using the 5 magic words when communicating with others show that you have good manners.

So what are these 5 magic words?

  1. PLEASE – use this word when you need something from someone.
  2. THANK YOU – this polite word is used to show appreciation.

3.YOU’RE WELCOME – this polite word is used to show you appreciate thanks.

4. SORRY – this magic word is used to apologize when you hurt someone.

5. EXCUSE ME – this word is used when you need someone’s attention.

Adults as well as children should learn to use polite words all the time.

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