Children Vs Social Media: Publicity in disguise?


Is opening a social media account for a child a norm?

It’s no longer news that celebrity children have social media accounts opened on their behalf the moment they are born or even before their delivery. This trend has been in existence for a long time and it helps the media and fans keep tab on celebrities and their children. this trend also brings with it free publicity and endorsements in some cases.

While children battle with stalking and bullying on social media as they grow and take charge of their lives on social media, which in a way affects their growth process as either confident or shy, parents go in search of apps with which to monitor their children.

Coming back to Nigeria, celebrity children also get the publicity and the full baggage which comes with it but then there is the issue of security. Parents are usually advised to keep their children off social media and refrain from posting pictures of them in their uniforms or pictures of them in places that can be traced easily. But then again, social media gives you bragging rights. You get to show off what you do, things you have achieved and how far your family has come. But then, caution is the key word.

Parents should know hen to apply the brakes. Are you a parent? How have you been able to use the social media space to your advantage especially with your children?

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