The Potty Training Challenge.


The smell that hits your nose when you wake up in the morning! Then you feel the bedding and realize they are wet.

Potty training is a challenge for every parent whether new or old as children adapt to things differently.

Do not despair, here are some potty training tips you can make use of –

A child should start learning to use the potty from 18 months although girls potty train earlier than boys. You can start off with potty training sessions. This means that you’ll want to train your child in the morning and afternoon for a few hours at home. Let him eat, drink and play as normal, but every 15 minutes put him on the potty. At the end of a session, revert to a diaper or pull-up and go on with your day. When you get home, have another session.

When your child uses the potty, make flushing and cleaning up a huge deal. This would also help promote proper hygiene.

Give a reward whenever your child uses the potty correctly. However, do not go overboard. The reward does not necessarily have to be monetary. You can decide to sing a special song instead.

Do inform your child’s teacher that you are actively potty training at home. Teachers are busy with lots of children, not just yours, so if your child needs a reminder to go, be sure to share this with the teacher. Make going potty at school less scary by exploring the facilities with your child. Try drop-off a little earlier so you can accompany your child into the bathroom and watch as he does his business. Parents, teach your son how to aim properly, when dad isn’t around , get a male role model you trust.

No liquid an hour before bed time. This should be a rule and that also means no late dinner. Remember that night time potty training is also important.

I do hope these tips can help you get started on potty training your child. Do not forget to subscribe and share your potty training experience by dropping your comment in the box below.



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