How To Prepare Your Children For School After Holidays.


Wow! The holiday is over and school resumes soon.

Did your heart just skip a beat?

Hahaha! Take a deep breath, you are not alone.

Now it’s time to take stock of items needed especially whether it is the beginning of a new school year or a new term. While some children would be starting a fresh class, some would be joining a new school.

How can this phase be made easy for parents and children alike? Let’s go through the following steps together as you create your checklist.

1. Settle the fees at least 50% of it. School administrators are not smiling o!

2. Make sure your child is familiar with the school. Take your child along when visiting the school to make enquiries or pay fees. As a parent, take advantage of orientation opportunities offered by the school.

3. Be sure the school items – uniforms, shoes, books, bags, etc are ready and in good condition. Create shopping lists if need be and go shopping with the children and ensure you get the right item to avoid unnecessary purchase. Involve the children in the preparatory process.

4. Facilitate your child’s bonding with the teacher. This would help boost the child’s confidence level. All children need to feel connected to their teacher to feel comfortable in the classroom. Until they do, they are not ready to learn. Experienced teachers know this, and connect with their students emotionally at the start of the school year. Obviously, if you can arrange for your child to meet the teacher in advance, by all means do so. But there are lots of ways to help your child feel like he knows even a teacher he’s never met.

5. Re-establish school rules and routines – early to bed; early to rise. Assignments should not be left till the last minute. Make sure your children read to refresh their brain during the holiday, educative story books are good for them.

6. Encourage confidence and independence – Have heart-to-heart discussions with your children. This would help the make wise decisions and fight against peer pressure. Also, here is an easy breakfast recipe for your family.

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